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Aevitas Fertility Clinic a progressive, innovative and research-orientated facility based in Cape Town, South Africa, dedicated to the treatment of human infertility.

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Our work is world-renowned. Over the last 30 years, Aevitas clinicians have been the pioneer for fertility treatment in South Africa, by achieving numerous breakthroughs in the industry. We offer our patients the latest industry knowledge and the most advanced technologies in the world, encapsulated in a genuinely caring environment with a dedicated staff compliment.

"It was a long journey, but all worth it. We cannot thank the Aevitas team enough for all the assistance and support over the years. You guys are the best!!!!!"

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You are the most wonderful group of angels. We cannot express our gratitude to everyone at the Aevitas fertility clinic for assisting and guiding us through this journey. Thank you for holding my hand during injections, giving words of encouragement when there was disappointment, answering any number of questions, laughing at my silly paranoias. Thank you, thank you!