International Patients

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International Patient Information Booklet:

Aevitas Fertility Clinic based in Cape Town, South Africa, welcomes all international patients from across-the-board. Aevitas Fertility Clinic is a prestigious fertility clinic, whose team has acted as pioneer in the field of fertility treatment in South Africa and Africa, resulting in several firsts for the country and the continent. Aevitas can also proudly say that their success rates are on par with top fertility clinics internationally.

Why Choose Aevitas Fertily Clinic, Cape Town, South Africa?

  • Top fertility specialists, supported by friendly and excellent staff
  • Bucket list holiday destination
    Aevitas Fertility Clinic is situated only 10 min’s drive from Cape Town, ‘the mother city’, with several top tourist attractions, such as Table Mountain, Robben Island, game viewing, winelands and magnificent beaches…
  • Cost-effective treatment
    Cost may vary significantly from patient to patient, depending on their individual requirements. However, the exchange rate between the South African Rand and your local currency, might be to your advantage, as an international patient. You are more than welcome to contact us and request a quotation.
  • Service provision in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French
    Should you not be comfortable to be assisted in English, Aevitas can be of assistance in Spanish, Portuguese or French, through our helpful translators (please note additional cost might apply).

What can the Aevitas Fertility Clinic assist international patients with?

  • Evaluation of lifestyle factors which may cause infertility.
  • Diagnosis and treatment, through medication or surgery, of pathological factors which may cause infertility.
    For instance, endoscopic surgery for the treatment of endometriosis (Aevitas Fertility Clinic serves as referral clinic for the treatment of endometriosis), Ashermans Syndrome (adhesions of the uterus), tubal anastomosis (unblocking blocked fallopian tubes) and reanastomosis (correction of fallopian tube anatomy).
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
    Assisted Reproductive Technology, which includes IUI, GIFT, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, PGS and more.
  • Making use of prestigious donor sperm and -eggs through fertility treatment.
    Through the Aevitas Egg Bank and Aevitas Sperm Bank we have a variety of high quality donors for you to choose from.
    The improvement of cryopreservation techniques, have allowed Aevitas to create an option for egg sharing. Egg sharing through the ‘Aevitas Frozen Donor Egg Programme’, which present with excellent success rates, have resulted in huge time and cost- saving components for both treatment and travel expenses!
    Furthermore, our highly trained and experienced team of physicians and embryologists can assist in the process of donor matching and will go beyond the borders of our own donor database to assist you with finding your perfect match.  

How to get the process started?

  • Contact us and request a skype or telephonic consultation with one of our three physicians (consultation fee: R 910).
  • The physician will recommend a treatment plan which will be coordinated with the assistance of our Aevitas staff.

Accommodation and transport options

  • Should you wish for us to recommend accommodation (range: self-catering to luxury hotels) and transport options according to your individual needs, we can put you in contact with trusted partners who will guide you through the process.

Over the years Aevitas has helped thousands of international patients reach their dream of parenthood. Contact us, should you wish for us to assist you too…