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By Jana Kruger
Published on 1 May 2020
COVID-19 Precuations at Aevitas Clinic From 1 May 2020, South Africa moves into lockdown level 4. As we resume fertility treatment and gynaecological endoscopic surgery, we strive to maintain a Covid-19 safe clinic to protect both patients and staff.

What has Aevitas implemented to secure the safety of staff and patients?


1. Rotation of shifts
Our staff will work on a rotational basis, in order to reduce the daily number of people within the clinic.

2. Self-screen before coming to work
All staff members self-screen daily.

3. Preventative measures at work
This includes:
frequent hand washing or -sanitising (20 sec)
maintain social distancing where practical
frequent disinfecting of surfaces
cough etiquette
mask etiquette
seasonal flu vaccine for all healthcare workers


1. Offering teleconsultation

2. Limiting accompanying persons
We request that only patients enter the clinic.

3. Patients are requested to wear a mask

4. Screening for symptoms or recent exposure before entering the clinic
If a patient presents with a fever, cough or difficulty breathing on the day of the appointment, the patient will not be allowed into the clinic. The doctor will be notified, and a teleconsultation will be scheduled with the patient.

5. Maintaining a safe distance (1.5m) in waiting room
Patients are encouraged by our receptionists, to maintain social distancing in the waiting area. Alternatively, patients can report when they are at the clinic, they can wait outside or in their car and request to be phoned when the doctor is ready to see them.

6. Hand hygiene
Our clinic has multiple points where sanitizer is available for both patients and staff.

7. The option to bring your own gown and towel

8. Testing
Patients will be tested 3 – 4 days before any theatre procedure.

We are here to support you during your fertility-care. Feel free to contact us for a teleconsultation or consultation, so that we can answer any questions you might have or assist you to plan your fertility journey with us.

The situation surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing. Therefore, we will update this article accordingly. For answers to frequently asked questions surrounding COVID-19, download Life Healthcare FAQ on COVID-19 for more information.


CDC guidelines (reviewed April 8 2020)
Life Healthcare Corona Frequently Asked Questions

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