Top IVF clinic in South Africa

Aevitas Fertility Clinic is a top IVF clinic in Cape Town, South Africa. Aevitas Fertility Clinic, previously known as The ‘Tygerberg In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) group’ , was founded by Prof Thinus Kruger. The name Aevitas means “time of life”.

Leader in modern fertility treatment

Aevitas is acknowledged as a leader in the field of modern fertility treatment. Over the last 30 years Aevitas has assisted thousands of couples to conceive and realise their dreams. Our staff members were selected for the care and enthusiasm they bring to our team. In order to help our patients get the best possible results, we continually review our ideas and refine our approach.

Aevitas fertility clinic Accreditation and -acknowledgement

  • SASREG accredited IVF clinic.
  • Aevitas is a training unit for scientists and Reproductive Fellows (gynaecologists) in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). The latter, is recognised by the SA Medical Council, as well as universities in South Africa and world-wide. Aevitas is the first private clinic in South Africa with such a certificate.