On 23 April 2020 Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, president of the Republic of South Africa, announced a 21-day national lockdown from midnight 26 March 2020 to 16 April 2020. Aevitas Fertility Clinic will adhere to the regulations surrounding lockdown, through implementing SASREG guidance on fertility care and surgery, which is as follows:

  1. “No initiation of new treatment cycles, including ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilisation including egg retrievals and frozen embryo transfers, as well as elective gamete cryopreservation.
  2. Strongly consider cancellation of all embryo transfers, whether fresh or frozen.
  3. Continue to care for patients who are currently in a treatment cycle. However, consider freezing of all eggs or embryos for patients who are in a treatment cycle.
  4. Continue to care and initiate cycles for patients who require urgent stimulation and cryopreservation for oncology or other urgent indications.
  5. Suspend all elective and semi-elective surgery. Continue to care for patients who require emergency surgery. Examples are ectopic pregnancy, retained products of conception, acute abdomen, acute very severe pain and certain oncological procedures.
  6. Offer telephonic and Skype consultations to patients whenever possible.
  7. Continue to care for patients who are pregnant after fertility treatment or are pregnant and have recurrent pregnancy loss. Limit care for uncomplicated pregnancies to essential visits.”

Please note, Aevitas Fertility Clinic specialists will continue to offer new consultations via telephone or Skype. For appointments or questions, feel free to contact us.

The situation surrounding COVID-19 is rapidly changing and therefore we will update this article accordingly. For answers to frequently asked questions surrounding COVID-19, download Life Healthcare FAQ on COVID-19 for more information.


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Article last update: 25 March 2020