Egg Freezing E-Information Session

Are you ready to have all your egg freezing questions answered?

Egg freezing and the biological clock

Well, you have come to the right place!

Back by popular demand – Aevitas Fertility Clinic will be hosting another fabulous web-based information sessions on egg freezing. Aevitas’ fertility specialist, Dr Hulme, will be presenting the sessions and will be joined by a guest who recently had her eggs frozen.

We hope to answer frequently asked questions (why, when, what and how) about egg freezing, through a holistic approach. We want to create a comfortable, private atmosphere, where women are able to educate themselves about egg freezing and raise any questions they might have to an expert in the field. Therefore, we are limiting the amount of participants per session. Should you wish, you may also remain anonymous to other participants.

How will these info sessions be hosted?

Via Zoom

Dr Hulme will give a 20 minute talk, which will be followed by 20 minutes of questions and answers.

When will this info sessions take place?

Friday, 22 May 2020 at 13:00

How can you participate?

Hurry and register now!

Take note

  • Registration will close 1 hour before the talk.
  • No charge will apply for attendance.

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We look forward to e-meeting you!

Last update: 19 May 2020