From one prospective egg freezer to another

I woke up… I’m in my thirties. Am I where I am supposed to be in life? Whose timeline,  rules and concepts of success am I measuring this by?

Perhaps you are in this very same position? You are in your thirties, wondering when you will be settled in a relationship, work, finances, location, or all the above. Perhaps parents, family members or friends might be warning you about your biological clock, but you (or you and your partner) are not ready to settle and start a family. Perhaps you aren’t even sure if you want to have children, but you would like to ‘preserve’ (no pun intended) the option.

I played with the thought of egg freezing (fertility preservation) for a long time but could not get myself to commit and pick that date. Month by month passed by. I feared the injections – I feared how it would make me feel emotionally and physically and how it would affect my work, recreational activities and relationships. I feared it might be a lonely process. I feared I would feel that I am not where I should be in life… sitting in the reception of a fertility clinic by myself.

I found myself doing extensive research on the topic with the ‘most trusted’ Dr Google (as most of us tend to do these days). I covered the four big questions: the ‘why’, the ‘when’, the ‘how’ and the ‘what then’. I spent hours watching You Tube videos on the topic (consuming a fair amount of popcorn while I was at it). I spoke to friends – friends with children, friends without children, friends who had frozen their eggs and friends who considered freezing their eggs. I spoke to strangers, family, doctors and fertility specialists about my decision.

After having explored every facet of the egg freezing topic, my research was finally complete. I concluded that this was the right decision for me. After all, I do want my future self to be proud of the decision I made as a thirty-something year old. I sat down with my fertility specialist at Aevitas Fertility Clinic and discussed what would make this journey easier for me and other women in my position. As well as, what would make me brave enough to take these steps sooner rather than later (that clock keeps ticking). Three things came to mind:

  1. Timing. For me it was planning around my work, social and recreational calendar. I picked Winter, which is a time where my calendar is quieter. As I lead an active lifestyle, I don’t think I’d enjoy feeling bloated, prancing around in lycra on a beautiful summer’s day (but that’s just me).
  2. Companionship. I thought that roping in a friend to go through this process with me would help. Others I spoke to, who had frozen their eggs, also felt it would make the process less daunting and would have helped them act sooner.
  3. Finances. Let’s face it – many of us in this position don’t have a partner to help fund this process and so the forever rising electricity bill in a sluggish economy keeps taking priority above family planning.

My fertility specialist shrugged his shoulders and said: “Well I think there is a way that Aevitas can help women in your situation. Bring a friend and we discount the treatment for you and your friend.”

Egg freezing beats the biological clockYes, I know right? You can thank me later!

The way I see it – lucky for me, I live in an age where women’s rights exist, where this option and the technology exists. If I don’t end up using my eggs, I view it as an insurance policy. If I do end up using them, well then, my future self will thank me!

Rumor has it, the promotion will be revealed during August 2019, which just so happens to be Women’s Month. Watch this space!