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About Egg Donation

Donating eggs/ova enables many people who cannot conceive naturally to have children. Eggs donated through the Aevitas Egg Bank are used in fertility procedures, not research and may result in conception.

Donation of ova will not affect the donor’s own fertility, health or future chances of her own pregnancy. Not all of a donor’s ova are removed during donation. A woman is born with all her eggs and every month the body releases a few of these eggs. Hormonal stimulation will allow the eggs that would have been dormant to grow and be released in a cycle. An egg donor has the right to indicate to whom she would like to donate her eggs (for example, marital status of the couple, religion, sexual preference and ethnic grouping).

Many infertile couples have been able to have children through use of donated eggs. It is a precious gift.

Who can become an Aevitas egg donor?

Regulations surrounding egg donation

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