Donor Egg Recipient

Donor Egg Recipient: why and how?

Sometimes, something happens, which compromise the quality of a woman’s eggs and therefore she can’t fall pregnant. Couples are then faced with the decision to become a donor egg recipient (‘adopt an egg’) and make use of Donor Egg IVF treatment. Alternatively, they can choose to adopt a child. This decision is made through counselling from the fertility specialist and clinical psychologist (if required). Furthermore, it is very important that the decision to ‘adopt an egg’, is a decision made by the couple. Once the couple decides to proceed with ‘adopting an egg’, a couple is matched with a donor. Below we have provided some more information on indications for becoming a donor egg recipient (‘why?’), as well as the most recent treatment options available (‘how?’) and the associated benefits.


Donor egg recipient - indications

Donor egg recipient - treatment options