Aevitas represents at ‘Fertility Expert Forum Conference’

Prof Thinus Kruger (fertility expert) and Mr Greg Tinney-Crook (IVF Laboratory Director) of Aevitas Fertility Clinic recently participated as keynote speakers at ‘SASREG Merck Fertility Expert Forum Conference – ESHRE 2018 feedback’, held September 2018, in Johannesburg.

In June 2018, Prof Kruger and Greg Tinney-Crook both attended the ‘European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’ (ESHRE) 2018 conference, as representatives of SASREG (‘Southern African Society for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy’). ESHRE 2018 conference, brought together the greatest minds, from across the world, to share knowledge and the latest research within the field of infertility. The SASREG forum aimed to provide feedback to the rest of South Africa’s fertility experts and embryologists regarding the knowledge obtained during ESHRE 2018.

fertility experts

Top: Aevitas fertility specialists, Dr Victor Hulme and Prof Thinus Kruger, with colleague Dr Paul Dalmeyer. Bottom Left: Mr Greg Tinney-Crook (Aevitas IVF Lab Director); Bottom Right: SASREG delegates

Prof Kruger gave feedback on the value of intralipids to improve pregnancy outcomes, as well as the value of data capturing of gynaecological endoscopic surgery:

  • Intralipids (a 20% intravenous fat emulsion) administered intravenously may enhance implantation.
    A randomised controlled study  showed a significant improvement in pregnancy rate, for patients who received intralipids and previously presented with repeated implantation failure. Although the study only consisted of fifty participants per study leg (100 participants in total) – it was noteworthy!
  • Data capturing of gynaecological endoscopic surgery can assist to improve the quality of surgery on a national level.
    Currently, in South Africa, work is being done to improve the training of gynaecological endoscopic surgery through the implementation of an educational training program, The Winners Project. The Winners Project is implemented in South African under guidance of Dr Abri De Bruyn and Prof Igno Siebert (Aevitas fertility specialist). In addition, to improving training through standardised training programs, having a collective database will provide immediate information on the quality of work/surgery performed by doctors.

Key topics of discussion shared by Mr Greg Tinney Crook, included factors which can assist to predict pregnancy success rate and improve fertilisation:

  • Factors that can assist in predicting pregnancy success rate includes, grading factors of embryo cell development, as well as the genetic screening of embryos.
  • Factors that can assist to improve fertilisaltion and pregnancy success rates includes, temperature control in ICSI laboratory procedures, as well as the correct timing of steps during ICSI laboratory procedures.

So a successful weekend of knowledge sharing at SASREG came to an end!