Gynaecological endoscopic surgery

Endoscopic surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and includes hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

  • Hysteroscopy involves passing a telescope into the uterine cavity through the vagina and the cervix. It is used to inspect the condition of the uterus from within.
  • Laparoscopy involves an inspection of the pelvic organs by a telescope passed through a tiny incision at the navel. Separate small incisions at the level of the hip bones are used to introduce probes to manipulate the pelvic organs.

Aevitas Fertility Clinic – gynaecological endoscopic surgery referral centre 

Furthermore, one of our Aevitas fertility specialist and gynaecological endoscopic surgeon, Prof Siebert, is pioneering the implementation of an internationally accredited education and training programme on endoscopic surgery, in South Africa. The Winners Programme, developed by the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery, is aimed at educating and training endoscopic surgeons. The implementation of ‘The Winners Programme’ allows to set a minimal quality standard for endoscopic surgeons, which aids to improve patient care.

The following factors, which could be contributing to your infertility can be treated through gynaecological endoscopic surgery: