— Tubal anastamosis and reanastamosis

Female sterilisation reversal / Tubal litigation reversal

Tubal litigation is the surgery used for female sterilisation and includes several techniques used to close/block the fallopian tubes. However, in the case that a couple decides they would like the procedure reversed, to enable them to conceive, tubal anastamosis and/or reanasatamosis can be performed. In other words, female sterilisation reversal or tubal litigation reversal.

Tubal anastamosis refers to the joining of the fallopian tubes through means of laparoscopy, which will allow for natural conception and pregnancy. Occasionally after anastamosis is performed, the fallopian tubes could heal with a blockage, which would then require a tubal reanastamosis to be performed to remove the blockage.

*When tubal anastamosis and -reanastamosis is performed through gynaecological endoscopic surgery by an experienced surgeon, the procedure can be highly effective at restoring normal fallopian tube anatomy and allowing natural conception.