Prof Siebert, assist with training for Gynaecological Surgery

Prof Igno Siebert, Aevitas fertility specialist

South African Gynaecologists performing endoscopic surgery now have access to an internationally accredited education and training programme, ‘The Winners Programme’. The Winners Programme was developed by the European Academy for Gynaecological Surgery and through collaboration by Prof Igno Siebert (Aevitas fertility specialist), the model has been implemented in South Africa, since January 2016.

The theoretical part, ‘Winners Programme Level 1’, is web-based. Since January 2016, a faculty of trainers have dedicated their time to travel to major gynaecological congresses across South Africa to assess the skills of gynaecologists in a dry-lab for ‘Winners Programme Level 1’ certification.

During November 2016, 28 gynaecologist participated in ‘Winners Programme Level 1’ certification. The results for the Level 1 certification, demonstrated a 100% pass rate, which is a first in South African history. Additionally, 28 gynaecologists participated in ‘Winners Programme Level 2’ certification. The certification process during November 2016, marked the first time the Level 2 certification was performed in South Africa.

The Winners Programme is aimed at improving endoscopic skills and is instrumental in South African Gynaecologists becoming accredited endoscopic surgeons. According to Prof Igno Siebert the main aims of the programme are to structure endoscopic training in South Africa and set a minimal quality standard which will improve patient care and safety, decrease morbidity and mortality in minimal invasive surgery as well as, reduce health care costs.