Aevitas IVF Laboratory Director, Greg Tinney-Crook, attends ESHRE 2018

Greg Tinney-Crook (Aevitas IVF Laboratory Director) and Prof Kruger attended ESHRE 2018 in Barcelona in July.  The congress brings together all the brightest minds in the field of IVF to share new and exciting technologies and findings which are then applied at a local level within the clinic.

ESHRE 2018 Greg Tinney-Crook Aevitas IVF Laboratory Director

Greg shares his highlights and key topics of discussion from ESHRE 2018:

  • Grading factors of embryo cell development can assist to predict IVF pregnancy success rates.
  • Temperature control in ICSI laboratory procedures can assist to improve fertilisation and pregnancy success rates.
  • Correct timing of steps during ICSI laboratory procedures can improve pregnancy success rates.
  • Genetic screening of embryos can assist to predict pregnancy success rates in women.

Welcome back Greg and thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the Aevitas family!