Prof Siebert presents on ovarian cysts, fibroids and fertility

Prof Igno Siebert, Aevitas Fertility Specialist

Prof Igno Siebert, Aevitas Fertility Specialist

On 13.03.2018, Prof Siebert presented on the ‘Treatment of ovarian cysts’, as well as the ‘Effect of fibroids on fertility’, at a Continuing Development Professional (CPD) programme. The CPD course was hosted for Gynaecologist in Cape Town.

Below follows a short summary from the learnings of Prof Siebert’s presentations:

Treatment of ovarian cysts

Prof Siebert’s presentation on ovarian cysts (a.k.a  endometriomas) gave insight on how to manage patients with ovarian cysts, as well as the effect of surgery for ovarian cysts. Surgery for ovarian cysts can effect the ovarian reserve and therefore female fertility.  The ovarian reserve, can be explained as a pocket of eggs found in the ovary. Woman are born with all their eggs (plus/minus two million), but a certain amount of eggs die monthly. Unwanted damage to the ovary can compromise the pocket of eggs (ovarian reserve), which would cause the woman to run out of eggs and enter menopause early. Therefore, the management of patients would differ depending on age and whether they still want to conceive. In the younger patient, who still wants to conceive, repeated surgeries should be avoided/minimised, in the case that large ovarian cysts are present, as well as if ovarian cysts are present in both ovaries.

Effect of fibroids on fertility

Furthermore, Prof Siebert’s presentation on the effect of fibroids (benign tumor of the uterine muscle, also called a myoma) on fertility, offered advice on the following:
  • Indications for the surgical removal of  fibroids

From the above presentations it was clear that the optimal treatment choice for one patient will be different to another. The treatment choice made by the patient, through the guidance of their physician, is greatly dependent on whether a couple still wishes to conceive in the coming years.